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Felice® brand began offering a wide range of kitchen and bathroom accessories in 2003. We maintain and closely interact with our designers and producers in order to provide a wide range of attractively designed, functional, consistently high-quality, and world-class products.

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Felice® continually strives to provide clients with the best value while upholding high standards of quality in our products. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our limited 5-year warranty. Both at the manufacturing facility and once more at our storage facility, our products are subject to strict quality control.

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FELICE product expertise having wide-ranging knowledge of the industry is what makes FELICE the best choice for quality kitchen and bathroom accessories as important as its sanitary ware products.

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Felice is a highly recognized brand in Malaysia's Kitchen and Bath industry.

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Khadijah Misnan
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Felice is one of the best and most popular brands of sanitaryware. I buy most of my bathroom accessories from this brand, which has more than 10 years of experience in the sanitary market.
Siew Lan Tan
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I really like it! The best thing is that I can reach dealers in Penang that have basin cabinets in all the latest colours and luxurious designs. The ceramic cabinet is wonderful and really impresses with the goods and services.
Amran Najmi
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So amazing that when I walked into the showroom, all of the bathroom accessories were set up and ready for me to choose from. The look, colour, and high quality of the accessories could be discovered when I touched them. I was so happy and found it easy to purchase goods from the direct dealers.

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