A kitchen is an area or room primarily used for the preparation of food and cooking. It is normally equipped with a stove, a sink with mixer type faucet, a refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Many households nowadays have many electrical appliances to aid cooking and preparation depending on their use. Kitchens may also be used for entertaining guests, dining, dishwashing etc.

Selecting a good and functional sink is important. Some kitchen sinks have double bowls instead of a single bowl to cater for dishwashing and food preparation. Stainless steel sinks are more durable while aluminium sinks may dent. Felice® stainless steel sinks provide a 10 year warranty as it is made of high grade (SUS304) stainless steel giving you assurance that it will serve you for many years to come.

Felice ® Luxury range kitchen faucets are of high quality and functionality too. Look out for the 2 step function faucet which gives you 2 options of water flow rate. Some of our faucet range comes with the Neoperl® water saving technology that reduces flow rate so that the optimum amount of water is delivered.

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